Client FAQ

What is the first step in the estate sale process?

If you are interested in our services, the best first step is to contact us via phone or email to step up a free consultation.

What will the free consultation look like?

Before we can provide a quote, we need to see the scope of the estate and determine what options will work best for you. To do this, we will meet with you at the location of the items that you are looking to liquidate. We will do a quick walk-through of the space to assess the profitability and workload involved in the sale. Once the walk-through is concluded, we will sit down with you and discuss any questions or concerns you have, including your ideal timeline and pricing. After, we will sign a contract and can begin working.

Should I do any cleaning before contacting you?

No, we like to start with an untouched home. Often the most unassuming items can have the most value. In our experience, we have found the phrase, "One man's trash is another man's treasure," to be true! Piles of old magazines, partially used cleaning supplies, and broken appliances have all been sold at previous sales. By having us view the space first, we can make sure that you are getting the most value out of the estate as possible.

How long is the setup process? How long will the sale take?

Both sale set-up and sale length can range depending on the individual situation of each home. In general, we estimate between 1 week for set up, and three days to host the sale. But again, this is totally dependent on the home's contents. We will be able to give a better estimate during our walk-through.

What is the cost of having the estate sale conducted by Galvin Estate Sales?

We do not charge an hourly or flat fee to host an estate sale. Instead, we get a percentage of total sales. This means that we are trying to maximize the estate's value because we make more when you make more. There are no hidden fees, and all services associated with the sale are paid for with the percentage of total sales. This also means that you pay nothing upfront.

What services are included during the sale process?

Our services include sorting, staging and pricing, advertising, and hosting the sale. Please see our "Services" tab for the full list of services.

What is involved in the set-up process?

The sale process starts with setting up our display tables and sorting out all of the sellable items from the non-sellable ones. We will next research any antiques or collectibles and price all the items. During the sorting process, if any personal items are found, such as pictures, tax documents, or other sensitive items, they will be set aside and given to the owner of the estate.

How will you make sure my items are safe during the sale?

Instances of theft can occur but they will be minimized through the use of wireless security cameras and putting any of the higher value items closer to the point of sale. Small items of value such as jewelry will be secured in display cases.

What is done with the items that are left over after the sale?

We leave this decision up to you. Some families may choose to keep the items while others may opt to donate the remaining items after a sale. We offer clean-out services and we can leave you with an empty home. We will discuss this more at length during the walk-through.

What payment methods are accepted during the sale?

We accept cash, credit cards, checks, and venmo.