Many people have been to an estate sale, but they do not know of all that goes into hosting a successful estate sale. We will take care of the entire process from the first walk-through until the house is cleaned out and empty. Starting with the free walk-through, we will give you an idea of what to expect from the sale. The process starts with setting the dates of the sale. We will next begin sorting through the home to determine what is able to be sold. The next step is to bring in our tables to set up and display your items. The final step to the setup process, and the most important, is pricing. Our goal for each sale is to maximize the estate's value, which means being able to identify items of value and recognizing items of lower value that others may see as garbage. From collectible art or antiques to half-used cleaning supplies and old clothing, anything that can be sold will be sold.

Aside from setting up the actual sale, there is much more that goes into an estate sale. Included in our services is all advertising before and during the sale. We run ads in the local paper and take advantage of social media to advertise our sales. One important thing that sets us apart from other companies is that we update our online ads to reflect the inventory that we have left throughout the sale to encourage customers to return when the prices are discounted.

During the sale, we provide the check-out service as well as we continuously monitor the home and reorganize items as others sell to provide a clean and efficient experience for the customers. We aim to provide an enjoyable and welcoming shopping experience at every sale.

After the sale, we will discuss what you would like done with the leftover items. The options would include keeping everything if you wish, we can donate the leftovers, or we can find other avenues to leave you with an empty home. Another thing that sets us apart from other estate sale companies is that we do not have a storefront to sell the leftover items in. While this may seem like a disadvantage, it means that we have the incentive to get the maximum amount of value out of the items during the sale instead of pricing high so we can profit more in the future from the leftover items.